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All-round graphic/web designer, activist, geek, aspiring polymath and tattooist. Has been known to turn pirate when confronted with gross injustice or bureaucratic shenanigans. Likes animals, stormy weather, rum and music.


Thoughts, rants and plans for world domination

Tattoo apprentice looking for models

  Always wanted to get inked? Please do 🙂 For €50 you can get a small (max 15x15cm) tattoo of your choice, a cool story and the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping an old dog learn a new trick. Interested? Drop by on 28/07 at Maaike’s Skin Art (Stationsstraat 1, Heist-op-den-Berg) to talk design and […]

I love it when a plan comes together…

…even if it took bloody forever. But I’m finally upgrading from a simple placeholder page to a complete (if modest) website again. Still generic AF for now, but interesting times ahead, oh yes.

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